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Shoppable Instagram Feed Extension for Magento 2

Fully compatible with Athlete2 Strong Magento 2 Theme

  • Multiple Instagram accounts supported
  • Both personal and business accounts supported*
  • Showcase Instagram Images & Videos on homepage, product page or any other page in your store.
  • Popup with details and large image.
  • Show album or video directly in grid. Video can be played on click or hover.
  • Show Linked/related products for each post in popup
  • Various layouts for related products in popup
  • Add products to cart or Wishlist directly from popup.
  • Hotspots – display additional information in tooltip or highlight linked products on hover
  • Customize each hotspot – various hotspots styles and icons.
  • Customize everything – Lots of appearance options.
  • Various layouts and hover styles for posts in grid
  • Show feed in a Carousel Slider
  • Multiple grid layouts
  • Show linked Instagram posts on product page
  • Share and open specific Instagram posts in popup via direct link
  • Automatically fetch posts from Instagram by Cron
  • Fully responsive
  • Open Source 2.3.x - 2.4.6
  • vFree Updates
  • v100% Open Source
  • v6 Months Free Support
  • v15 Days Money Back

30% Discount toAthlete2 Theme Customers. * Applied on checkout, you need to be logged in.


Shoppable Instagram Feed
in your Magento 2 Store

Give your visitors possibility to purchase products directly from Instagram feed on your website.
Show Instagram feed anywhere on your Magento 2 store. Add hotspots, link products to Instagram posts and show them in a fancy popup.

Default Grid Demo

Show post details with related products in a fancy popup

Add hotspots: linked to a product or with custom content

Add product to cart or wishlist directly from popup

Various grid layouts for related products

Lots of customization options for popup and other elements


Grid Layout options

Set amount of columns for desktop, tablet and mobile screen resolutions. Set images to show per page.

Choose from various grid layouts. The look of layout with big image depends on the columns you set.

View Examples

lots of possible

Layouts and hover styles
for post box in grid

You can mix & match various options to achieve different results:

  • Circle image style
  • Image roundness
  • Item border roundness
  • Content below image
  • Content on hover
  • Show/Hide each element
  • Various Hover animations
  • Various icon styles
  • Boxed style
  • Content alignment

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Video & Album in grid

You can show images only or also video and carousel for your Instagram posts in grid.

Video can be played directly in grid either on hover or click.

Live Demo

Carousel Slider

You can adjust various slider settings such as loop, rewind, dots & arrows, autoplay & speed, etc. for each widget.

Also you can change arrows and dots styles globally.

Live Demo

various layouts

Linked/Related Products

Add related product to your Instagram posts. They will be show in a popup.

Sell product directly from popup without navigating to the product page.

You can choose from multiple layout options. Enable/disable add to cart and wishlist. Set colors and image roundness.

List demo Grid demo



Add unlimited hotspots to each post with any content in a tooltip.

Set icons, shape, size, color, font properties and others styles globally or to each hotspot and tooltip.

Link hotspots to related products so they are highlighted when hotspots are hovered and vice versa.

Minimize or hide hotspots on mobile.

Live Demo

Share popup URL

Share and open specific instagram posts in popup via direct link.

Each popup have specific url which can be copied or shared via social share butons.

Click for Example

Related Posts
on Product Page

You can show product related/linked (or all) instagram posts on products page.

Choose location where to add your instagram widget. Adjust widgets settings and content layout.

Add custom content if you wish to add some info or a link to full instagram gallery.

View sample product

various customization options

Fully customizable and can easily adapt to your design

You have full control over the look of your Instagram feed and Modal. Set colors for feed, modal, hotspots, tooltips, product page block, etc. You can choose from various predefined icons styles separately for feed and modal. Adjust font properties for feed, modal and tooltips text. Adjust styles for hotspots and products in modal. Choose style and colors separately for each carousel slider and so on.

Customize colors
for each block/element
Choose icons styles
Modify sizes and shapes
Adjust font properties

View Appearance Settings

Fully Responsive

Made to provide best experience possible both on desktop and mobile devices.

Multiple accounts

You can add as many account as you need. Show posts from different account in the same or separate feeds. Simply choose post from what accounts to show in each widget.

Personal and Business

Both Personal and Business Instagram accounts are supported. However only business accounts allow to show likes and comments count. Also business accounts does not require to renew Instagram token.

Fetch posts

New posts, comments & likes counts and other data can be automatically fetched every day. Requires Magento 2 cron to be enabled.

a look behind the curtain

Backend Screenshots