About this template

Ambi is a pleasant, elegant template for those who have taste.
This template is based on a modules, there are only one page with fixed layout and it’s Promo. Anything else can be build using simple modules that you can find below. So what does it mean? It means that you can simply add as much buttons or images, or text or etc. and place it anywhere you need at the page. And then just make some adjustments. This way you can build any page with any layout.



  • Promo page, with slideshow
  • Showcase page (advanced slideshow page)
  • Custom page (any layout and modules)



  • News/Feed Reader
    Separate xml for news module to simplify editing. RSS , Atom feed reader.
  • Gallery module(images, swf, youtube)
    Fixed or floating size frame, images, youtube video, swf. Image position counter.
  • Button
    Html text. You can set link, and adjust text for this button. * You can’t edit button look using xml.
  • Title text
    Html text. Can be adjusted with CSS.
  • Description text
    Html text. Can be adjusted with CSS.
  • Media (image, swf)
    You can add/remove frame and shadow.

    <item shadow="" x="20" y="10" url="Images/Image.jpg" border="" />
  • Contact form
    Fonts and text can be edited.


Custom, fully adjustable page.

You can build your own page layout using modules.
Add as many buttons, images and text as you need to any position at the page and adjust them.


Any Background.

Each page can have it own background. You can adjust background color, height, set gradient background and background image.
Also there are two built-in fancy background images: bubbles and lines.

<bg color01="A02118" color02="EE6322" pattern="bubbles" type="gradient" />



You can adjust parameters for any text that you can see in template with CSS .
Colors, size, font, line spacing, letter spacing.


Promo page

This is a slightly adjustable page with slideshow.
You can set slideshow image size, and that will affect on other page item position.
Adjustable slideshow: autoplay, delay, add/remove/align navigation dots, frame and shadow.

<slideshow shadow="" delay="1" border="" autoplay="true" height="" width="">
<dots align="right" show="true" /></slideshow>


Showcase page

Advanced slidehow page. You can build your own slides using such modules as button, media(swf and images), title, description. So each slide can have any kind of layout and it own background.

<bg color01="A02118" color02="EE6322" pattern="bubbles" type="gradient" />
<item shadow="false" x="280" y="50" url="Images/Showcase/cake.png" border="false" />
<title x="35" y="285"><![CDATA[TEMPLATE THAT<br>SUITS ANY TASTE]]></title>
<desc x="35" y="365"><![CDATA[Sed ui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque porro<br>quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, ]]></desc>

You can set slideshow autoplay and delay, add/remove navigation arrows and dots.

<slideshow delay="3" autoplay="true" />
<dots x="" y="" show="true" />
<arrows x="" indent="10" y="" show="true" />

Fonts included in template: