Time is running by bringing all fresh and new. We are moving forward fast as well. Our experience and client database in blogs and sites templates reached a point when not having our own blog is like having no face.  So time has come to  gladly present Olegnax blog.

Olegnax creates templates for sites and blogs of different service type. But in the course of our work we collected a whole bunch of materials we would like to share with those interested –  experienced or beginners.
Whether you are a professional or a to-be professional there is always something new to keep up with the changing world. We plan to present  much of what we can and what we know here in this blog.

Everyone used to be a  beginner some time ago. We were as well. We rememeber surfing through numerous resources in search of needed techniques, studying many articles and were really appreciative of those who helped us.
One of the aims of this blog is to show what we are good at, share certain secrets and even free design stuff.

What to expect from Olegnax blog

Updated database of new and special graphics and web development freebies ( Psd , Flash, HTML)
Articles and posts on WordPress features and other topics which may come in handy.
The posts on advices, solutions, instructions and whatever you may need.  Anything to make it easier for our present and future clients.


There is nothing like a successful result of your work. A new area with a showcase was added,  in which you may display your own site or blog based  on our templates. We would really appreciate the fully customized ones ; )